I. Pet-Related
1. General Information: Unlike most pet sites, starbits are each born with an individual personality. They may be shy, social, adventurous, artistic, geeky, or many other traits. Their personality unfolds more as they gain experience and grow which you'll find out more about below. Pets are born as a baby and grow into an adult one month after birth. Pets are also born with different variations (which you can view on the "Pets by Species/Color" sections to the left); the average pet has four basic variations it can grow into, though there are a few special pets with more or less.

A. Creating Your First Pet
To create your first pet, go to here. Creating your first pet is free.

B. Creating Multiple Pets
*Notice* You must wait one week before you can hatch or adopt another pet.
1. Hatching an Egg: Unlike your first pet, the creation of more pets costs bits (sbp currency). To hatch a starbit, you must purchase an egg from either the egg shop or the user shops. It's highly recommended that you check the user shops first because you are more likely to come across a better deal than the main shops. Once you have an egg, go to your inventory and click on it to bring up a page that looks like this. On this page you will be informed what gender the pet will be as well as its variation, which is shown in the picture (if you're curious as to what number the variation is, you can right click on the image and select "properties"). Name your pet and click "Hatch Egg" and you'll have a new addition to your starbits family!
2. Adoption: The adoption center is a place where you can disown a starbit you no longer want for a fee (2,000 bits) or adopt a pet in the pound. Adoption costs around 5,000-8,000 bits, although it depends on the pet. Visit the adoption page for the exact details on how much a pet will cost to adopt. An adopted pet will have a brief intro on its page which gives you an idea of what kind of personality it will have.
3. Special Pets: Some pets are only obtainable through very special means. Currently the fool and verdepine are the only special pets. The fool is obtainable through hatching a mystery egg, an item that was available for a short time around April's Fools 2009. The only way to get them currently is to purchase one from another user. The verdepine can be hatched from a verdepine egg which is found in a clump of weeds. Clumps of weeds can be found through a random event while browsing the site during spring and summer. As well as the fool and verdepine, there is a special variation of tsuki known as the 5th variation, or silver tsuki, which is extremely rare to find. Only two are known to exist on starbits so far.

C. Basic Pet Care
1. Hunger: Raise this bar by feeding your pet food which can be found at stores such as the Fresh Food Market and Candy Shoppe. Foods come in different sizes, so be careful not to overfeed your pet or it will get sick!
2. Rest: Pets gain rest when they are asleep. They automatically go to sleep on their own when the rest level gets into the red zone and wake up when it is full. You can also put them to sleep or wake them up manually. Rest declines gradually throughout the day; playing with toys also decreases it just a tich.
3. Health: Health is increased by feeding pets nutritional and natural foods such as zikkles. Candies and the like aren't so healthy, so make sure not to have your pet on a diet of primarily candy. Health decreases dramatically if you overfeed a pet.
4. Happiness: Glee is increased by letting pets play with toys, feeding them certain foods, and feeding them their favorite food. You can only play with a pet once per hour.
5. Minibits: You can find minibits at the Minibit Market and (rarely) through random events. Each minibit increases different types of attributes for the pet they're equipped to.
6. Clothing: Dexter sells clothing and accessories at the Clothing Store. Clothes make pets more comfortable, but you can only equip so much of it. The amount you can equip depends on the size of the pet.
7. Equipment: Usually sold in the toy store. They increase certain pet attributes like minibits do, but too much equipment may weight them down.

This guide is INCOMPLETE: More info coming soon.