Old Books

Here is a collection of all the books from before the crash in their original, completely unedited versions, for your enjoyment. All of the ones listed here were never released again after the crash except for "My Tower".

Chari Poems

My Chari
My Chari is both fluffy and white.
It has cute little ears and interesting stripes.
I like him much, don?t you see?
I keep him fed with bread and orange green tea.
So I come always come back everyday,
and he makes me laugh as we play,
we have lots of fun and lots of joy,
we like to poke that fluff ball toy.
And when I tuck him in at night,
and turn off his bedroom light,
I always know he?ll be here for me,
Just as I will always be here for my little Chari.

Black Wings
A black streak shoots like a star through the night.
What is it? Who knows, he is the master of flight.
But if you get up in the morning, when the day is all anew,
and follow the faint footprints in the early morning dew,
you might just catch a glimpse, of black Chari wings,
and hear the slight rustle of his feathers in the wind, they almost sing.
But he moves his wings on his back,
he takes off, fast as a shooting star,
I think he is even faster than a New York cab car.
You might just see him, and be draw into the mystery,
of the handsome black Chari with no time or history.
But perhaps if you some back again, you might see him flying in the wind.

The Charies
I am a Chari, I am awful cute.
I am chibi, I am charming, and I am fluffy to boot.
Everybody loves me, I have everything I want,
I have friends, I have fame, but I try not to flaunt.
My beautiful collar is the deepest shade if blue, its encrusted with emeralds and sapphires too.
The only things that I eat, are golden berries, if it?s not one of those, it might as well be a boring old cherry.
But one day, as I was strolling down the lane,
I saw another Chari, filthy and ragged, in her eyes I saw pain.
She said "Please sir! Could you help me out?"
I turned up my nose, trying to block her out.
She stared for a second, her face hopeful and warm,
But after I walked by she turned around, forlorn.
She should get a job, that?s what I thought,
if she wants the money that for so long she has sought,
but, that night, as I lay in my silk covered bed,
an odd idea went through my head.
Maybe she has tried, but she didn't have a chance, her owner probably left her all alone,
they didn't come back for her, the weight of sadness was like a heavy stone.
The next day I saw her again, but this time I asked her name, it was Rin.
I listed to her life story so far, and after she was done I have her my collar.
Her eyes filled up with great tears of joy, I felt actually good, for the first time, I didn't know I could!
© chizu, Starbits Pets characters and ideas are © chizu and The Starbits Staff.

A Cold Encounter

The lodge main floor was colder than the snow outside. The windows in the halls had a thick sheet of ice covering them. Little shreds of light seeped through, leaving tiny light marks on the lobby's floor. The fire burned brightly in the brick fireplace, crackling and casting long shadows on the hardwood floor. A crowd of guests had gathered around its warmth in an effort to keep themselves above freezing point. Off from this crowd sat an abandoned Kakineko.

Scared and cold, the Kakineko sat alone in the corner playing with his Planty, which was making chocolate for them both to eat.

"Planty, you're my only friend. Don't ever leave me," said the Kakineko hugging Planty. Planty sat there with his big lime green eyes looking up at him smiling giving him a sense of comfort.

The Kakineko got up to go get something to drink while Plant sat in his pocket. He was walking down the hallway when it happened. The lights went out. It hated the dark, as did the Kakineko. They both hoped to find other pets in the lodge. The Kakineko looked around.

"My tail! I forgot all about it!" thankfully said the Kakineko.

He heard a shout and looked around franticly. He got scared easily in the dark.

He looked around and crept down the hallway, holding his tail with both paws. He heard a noise, so he followed it.

"Hello?" he called into the room, still too dark to see anything.

"Ouch!" The Kakineko shook his hand. His tail had burned his paws. His tail went into smoke and tried to reignite it. It just smoked. "Well, no more fire," he said glumly. They both got scared and ran to the end of the hallway. "Help!" they heard coming from room 226. "Anyone please, help!"

"Hello?" he said, afraid of what he'll see. He walked into the room and helped the pet up onto his feet.

"Hey," said the voice. "I'm Chu, a Chari."

"Hi!" smiled the Kakineko. "I'm Kaku, a Kakineko."

"What's the matter? Are you okay?"

"Yes and yes! I'm fine. Just a bit scared. Something came up behind me after the lights went out. I have some matches in rucksack if you want to use one to light your tail up. After, you can hold onto my feet and I can fly us to the lobby and try to fix the fuses. I'm a master a flying, you know!" said frightened Chu, handing Kaku a match.

"Great! Thanks! You can fly? Wow!, you're so lucky!" said Kaku, lighting up his tail again. "All, better. I feel just like new!"

Chu flew up and made some papers on a nearby table go up in the air with him. "Oops!" he said picking up the papers.

Chu flew up again, higher than before. Kaku jumped up one time, two times, and for a final time - three times.

"Just a bit lower, Chu, i'm not that tall so I can't jump that high," chuckled Kaku. Chu lowered himself down to where Kaku could reach. he held onto his feet and they began their adventure down to the lobby. They stopped in the middle of the hallway.

"Muahaha!" Evilly laughed a shadowy figure. Chu disappeared within a blink of the eye and Kaku was dropped to the floor. Shortly after, a Ghostling shot up out of the floor and Kaku fainted from being scared.

A few hours later Kaku woke up, on a cold, dirty ground that felt like the floor of the lobby. He was turned belly-up, then relizing he was in a very weak pose he flipped back over and stood up. He was sleepy. Little puffs of his cold breath puttered out from his mouth. His eye-lids flittered after his long rest. He yawned and tried walking around to see where he was. It was pitch dark so he had to feel around. He could not see his new friend, Chu, anywhere so he began to search. Planty popped out of his pockets with his lime green eyes glowing like jewels to help guide the way, which was a new thing because Kaku had never seen his eyes glow so bright like this. He felt a strong gust against him almost causing him to knock over almost crushing Planty who was holding onto Kaku's tail. The same shadowy figure seen before he fainted came down the deserted hallway to greet him. "Hello, Kaku-" said the shadowy figure moving into the few shreds of light left before sunset, showing his true form. "You..you..you're a Ghostling!" cried Kaku. "How did you know my name?" "I am a friend, you might say. It doesn't really matter," laughed the Ghostling. "I know no Ghostlings. Where has Chu gone? What have you done to him?" demanded Kaku. "I have done nothing to him. He is within the walls of this hallway" replied the Ghostling with no emotion. The Ghostling turns around and hovers down the hallway and transmogrified into a young Chari and disappeared into the brisk air of the hotel.
© Ryan, Starbits Pets characters and ideas are © chizu and The Starbits Staff.


I didn't save the panels. *headdesk* It was a comic of really random things that I can't really remember. :D; Drawn by Chocolate.

My Tower

You'll have to buy the book to read it, because this one was brought back. ;3 Written by Thruppence/Spin.

Riceball Love

Roll is a violet kakineko that grew up in Bita Central. She always ate her vegetables, but after a while she didn't want to eat her vegetables anymore. Roll loved japanese food. She would visit the closest sushi bar and eat 1000 bits worth of food a day! That was a lot for little Roll, but she would always get it all down. Her favorite snack was riceballs. She just loved the taste and how small they were, it was easy for her to pop one in her little mouth. Li, her brother, would always ask for one, but she refused to share. Li loved riceballs too, but he was always too busy studying to go out and get some. So one sunny day Li was roaming around Bita looking for some new books and found a riceball friend waiting at the bus stop. Li's ears popped up and he had a very interesting idea. He told the riceball friend that he knew someone who wanted to be friends with him. So the riceball friend got very excited and went with Li. Li took him home, but not before stopping at the sushi bar first. Li put the riceball friend in a bowl with plain riceballs and put them on the table. Roll came home a few minutes later and was very excited to see the bowl of riceballs. She immediately picked one up and was about to put it in her mouth until she heard "No!" in a very high pitched voice. She looked down at her fingers and saw that this riceball had eyes and a mouth, just like her! She put the riceball friend on the table and started talking to him. They talked about their favorite parts of Bita Central and their favorite toys. Then her new friend mentioned his favorite food. That was when Roll realized that she had to stop eating riceballs because she could mistaken a riceball for her new riceball friend! Roll named her riceball friend Dont Eat, after what could have been a fatal incident, and gave him a permanent home in her room and in her heart. Roll's new love is olives, since there is no olive minibits, and Li got to finish that bowl of riceballs Roll left on the table.
© Mega, Starbits Pets characters and ideas are © chizu and The Starbits Staff.

Starting Over

Angel Mint turned around. "Do I have to?!" she asked.
"Yes, you have to. Trust me, school really isn't that bad!" her mother told her. Today was Angel Mints, also known as Angel, first day of school. She'd just moved to Bita Central from Latha Island. She was going to a new school, where she didn't know any one person. "But mom!" she pleaded.
"No, you're going to school! I promise you'll make new friends."
"Yeah, that's what you say now." she murmured.

About ten minutes later, they were at Bita Jr. High. It was an amazing place; they had flowers and bushes and trees everywhere. The school was also very nice; the inside had plenty of cases filled with trophies. This was a top-notch school, but even so, Angel did not want to go.

"Well, here we are." Angel's mother said. "Have a nice day!"
"Whatever." Angel said, getting out of the car and examining her new surroundings.

"Call me once school's over and I'll come get you. Okay?"
"Yep." she said, walking up to the doors. She walked in and looked at everyone talking with their friends. It was already halfway through the year, so everyone had found someone to talk to.

A few of the kids exchanged glances, and giggled to themselves. Most of them were Ghostlings and Charis, but there were a few Kijuu. There were no Swimmos or Flifs to be seen for miles around. At her old school, there were little or no Chari and Kijuu, but many, many Swimmo, Flif, and Ghostling.

She walked into her first class and took a seat near the back of the room.

"Alright, class. Before we begin today's lesson, I'd like to introduce a new student that will be joining us, Angel Mint." The teacher said. A few of the kids giggled, and others whispered things in each other's ears. "Now, onto more important matters." The teacher said, and then got started on the geography lesson.

After first period was over, Angel had a study hall.
Oh, great. She thought. Another boring thing where kids can laugh at me. She went to the cafeteria and started towards a group of nice looking kids. But before she could sit down, another kid bolted past her and took the seat. So instead, Angel just took a seat at one of the small round tables. At least I have a good book... She thought.

As she went to the other classes, kids all around were laughing and saying things behind her back. Once lunch came, she was already dreading having to go back tomorrow. Schools always had nasty food for lunch, but she bought anyways. She got spaghetti, because the only other option was some pile-of-grease burger. They both looked disgusting, but she didn't care.

As the classes let out, she only wondered what she'd be doing if she were back at Latha Island. She would've gotten to go on a science trip to the ocean by their school if she wouldn't have moved. During their last class, Angel was sitting, daydreaming, and heard their teacher say something about soccer. Angel loved sports, so she thought that'd be nice. After class, when everyone was going to their lockers to get their things to go home, she signed up.

A few days later, at their first practice, Angel got paired up with a very nice-looking girl. "I'm Magic!" the Kijuu said. "Aren't you that new kid?"
"Yeah. My name's Angel." she said.
"Nice to meet you, Angel!"
"You, too!" After practice was over, they all got a snack when they were waiting for their parents to come get them. Ironically, Magic's mom came at the same time Angel's did.
"Hey mom, can Angel come over our house tomorrow?" Magic asked her mom.
"Sure, I don't see why not! As long as its okay with her mom." Magic's mom said.
"Please, mom?!" Angel asked.
"Of course you can." Angel's mom said, handing Magic's mom, Katie, their phone number.

By the time the end of the year came, Angel and Magic were really good friends. They'd do everything together, and with their other friends, Blue Magic, Ghostiie, and Ghostiee. So, that just goes to show you, you can always make a new friend.

"That's right!!!"
© canditeddy, Starbits Pets characters and ideas are © chizu and The Starbits Staff.

The Dancer 1

Part 1, Chapter 1 - A Dream

She swayed like the trees getting blown by a breeze as her six arms moved around. Her eyes were likes caves, making you lost in them, never to return until she led you out. And her gracefulness was helped by her speed, making her look as if she was floating. She twirled around the floor, her long skirt following behind. She stopped, and her smiled glowed as her father clapped.

"Daughter, you have grown more beautiful each day. You give meaning to the Kijuu family name."

"Thank you, Father. It means much that you said that to me."

"Of coarse, Cryso. Ever since your mother passed, I have been watching you. You're just as elegant as her, and you would make her so proud."

Cryso held her tears inside. Her father had forgotten how much she missed her mother. She smiled, hiding her sadness, and bowed, leaving the balcony. She walked across the corridor of their home, and walked into her room, shutting the door, and walked to the window, staring out to the horizon. She smiled as her Kangel, a gift from her father, awoke to Cryso coming in.

"All my life I have wanted to leave Kijuu Forest, to see the other lands, such as Kakineko Volcano, Tsuki Island, or even Chari Clouds. But, father wouldn't approve, I just know it, right, Mirshann?"

The Kangel tilted its head, as if thinking hard. It nodded slightly, and Cryso sighed, petting Mirshann's head.

"Maybe someday, I'd love to go even go just to the edge of the forest, just to see what lays beyond it. Or even beyond the horizon, Just once."

Cryso sighed once more, and turned back to the window. She watched the outside a long while, and watched as the sun let in its orange beams, signaling night was coming on fast. She yawned, and picking up Mirshann, started to her bed. She set it down on her pillow, and crawled under the covers, adjusting herself to face the wall.

"Just once, I want to...leave...home?"

She whispered, closing her eyes, seeing nothing but the blackness of sleep.
© hedgies199, Starbits Pets characters and ideas are © chizu and The Starbits Staff.

The Dancer 2

Part 1, Chapter 2 - Lost and Found

The Icee's her father raised screeched, and Cryso awoke with a start. Her heart pounded, and she looked around her dark room for anything different. She saw nothing, and breathed a sigh of relief. She lowered her head back down to her pillow, feeling the softness inside. She closed her eyes once more, and upon hearing a thump, jumped up. Her eyes widened, and she screamed which was muffled by a hand.

"Quickly, take her out of here, before all the Kijuu's awake. You know how ruthless they can become."

"Of course, Boss." Cryso felt herself being pushed into something, and tried to let out a scream to no avail, for something was over her mouth. She struggled, but gave up, feeling herself lifted, then free-falling, then caught. She closed her eyes, feeling as if being dragged. She hurt all over, and just wanted it to end.


Hours had passed, and a sinking feeling melted away from Cryso. She opened her eyes to close-stitched fabric, and suddenly felt pain all over. She groaned, and realized something was on her mouth. She moved her hands up, which was harder then she thought, and after a few minutes of fumbling, she had all of her hands on her mouth, pulling on the rope. It loosened, and after another few minutes, she got it off, breathing more easily. Now, to get out. She made sure her claws were sharpened, then gently pushed them into the sack cloth, bringing them down quietly, making slashes in it. Cryso did this constantly, making a hole big enough for her to squeeze through. Pulling herself out with little failure, she quietly started to creep away, not trying to disturb the forest around her. Being a good distance away from the clearing she had been at, Cryso started to run, making sure she avoided all the brown leaves that indicated Autumn in the land of Bita. She had no idea where to run, but she figured that the way she was going was the best way. She became tired, but pushed herself onward, stopping when she reached a large clearing. Cryso breathed heavily, and looked around. The way she had came from had many trees, but the new area had none, only a rise in the temperature the closer she got. Regaining her strength, Cryso, started to walk slowly towards the new land, stopping when it went to a slope. The sight she saw made her eyes widen, and her mouth open in a gasp.

"Kakineko Volcano..." She whispered, looking at the large mountain that laid in the distance. Smoke was coming out of it, giving proof that a few had to be inside. Around the base, a few of the Fire Creatures played together, jumping, tackling, and rolling around with each other, ignoring the guest they had. It wasn't a matter to Cryso, she only wanted to watch them forever, no matter what happened below. It was a beautiful sight, peace in their village of life.
© hedgies199, Starbits Pets characters and ideas are © chizu and The Starbits Staff.

The Dancer 3

Part 1, Chapter 3 - Friend, or Foe?

Cryso watched the Kakinekos for several minutes until she felt a disturbance. She looked behind her, and swallowed as Two Fools watched her, evil grins on their faces. She started to back up, forgetting the fact the cliff dropped down. She felt no more land, and tumbled to the ground below her, receiving many scratches and bruises in the process. She looked up at the following Fools, and tried to scramble up, only getting grabbed by one of them. She looked towards the Kakinekos, and her eyes pleaded for help, as her mouth didn't seem to want to work. A large Kakineko nodded, and let out some sort of call to the others. Together, they breathed in, and charged, their tales become a strange blue, the hottest fire of all. Their eyes burned with a fiery rage their own, and the leapt onto the Fool's, sending them to the ground as they kept trying to get Cryso away from them. They succeeded, for Cryso started to run once more. One of the Kakineko's left the pile, and started to follow Cryso, leading her into a magma chamber after minutes of running.

"You'll be safe in here until the Kariskiki leave."

"Kariskiki? What are they?"

"The Kariskiki are the Fool's that must have kidnapped you, plus other residents of the rest of Bita. A few Ghostlings, some Fools, and, even a few Tsuki have, for some reason, started to do everything they can to make everyone miserable, no matter what. But, what are my manners? I am Fireflame Kakineko, ruler of Kakineko Volcano and the Kakineko Territory. May I ask, who YOU are?"

"Cryso Kijuu, from the Kijuu Forest."

"Ah. Well, you must go, before the Kariskiki come back."


"There is no time! Trust me, unless you wish for your life to be cut short!"

"Of course. And, thank you."

Cryso followed Fireflame out of the room, and down, deep into the volcano. Fireflame opened a door, and Cryso walked into it.

"Stay safe."

Fireflame said, closing the door, enclosing Cryso in darkness. She swallowed, and started to inch herself forward, feeling her way with her feet and hands. She came to a wall, and turned right, having to turn left at the next blockade. She saw something up ahead. Light. She started to run, tripping, but getting up again, pushing the rock that covered the path. It had been two hours, Cryso guessed, for where the sun was inching closer and closer to the middle of the sky. Her stomach suddenly rumbled, and she clamped her hands on it.

"What I would do for some Zikklefruit.."

She murmured, looking up. There were very few trees, and nothing to eat on them, not even half of something. She collapsed on the ground, groaning of hunger. She opened up her eyes to the sky, and blinked, wishing something that she could eat would fall out of the sky. Next thing she knew, she had been hit in the head with a Zott. She looked up to a Tsuki, who was dropping more food on her head.

"Ouch! Stop that!!"

"I am so sorry. But, you wished you wanted food from the sky, so, I tried to give it to you."

"Um, I was thinking that.."


"Well...um...thanks. Who are you, though?"

"My name is Valsharess Tsuki. Come, Cryso, you need rest."

"How'd you know my name?"

"Power of the mind, simply."


They walked through the forest, then stopped at a tree.

"Go in here, it will take you to Tsuki Island."


"Yes, now go!"

Cryso nodded, hopping into the tree, and suddenly started to fall. She felt herself land, and she rubbed her back where she had twisted it slightly. She looked up when someone spoke.

"Well, well, look what Valsharess found. she'll make a good servant, you think?"

"Of course, Boss..."

Cryso knew those voices, and automatically started to run, but was grabbed.

"You won't get away. Not this time."

Cryso swallowed hard, feeling herself dragged into the darkness.
© hedgies199, Starbits Pets characters and ideas are © chizu and The Starbits Staff.

The Dancer 4

Apparently, I don't have this one saved. 8D;;; Whoops. Also written by hedgies199/Aki, obviously.

Trying to be Like Everyone Else 1

A little chari fell out of its egg, and looked around. The ground was a nice, soft, blue carpet, and there were rows of shelves with a nest made special for each egg. Then the little chari looked up and saw an old tsuki carefully place an egg in a basket.

She looked down at the chari and said, "Why hello there, you were not supposed to hatch until you got to your new owner." The chari looked at her curiously turning her head sideways. The old tsuki turned around to greet a little blonde hair girl who just walked in, "why hello there, and welcome to the hatchery" said the tsuki. The girl walked around looking at egg's, when she looked at me.

"Why did this one already hatch," she asked.

"Oh," said the tsuki "I don't really know why, but I guess she was not taken home by a new owner in time. She looked at me then began to talk to the tsuki, when they finished, she turned toward me, carefully picking me up, we left the building. As she put me in her car, she drove me to her house; it was really big, looked like it was 5 stories high. As she took me out of the car, and said, "Yes I am very rich, and this is my mansion, my name is Elizabeth, but for short you can call me Beth."

Carefully, holding me in her arms, she took me in to the mansion. It was like nothing I ever saw before, actually, I haven?t seen hardly anything yet. The roof was made out of clear glass; there was a big staircase in front of us made of marble that led to the other floors, and on the left side, it led to other parts of the house.

She took me up the stairs to the second floor, and walked into a narrow hallway. Then, opening a pink shaded door, I was amazed; it was like toy land in here. The floor was covered in the finest pink, soft, fluffy carpet there was, and the walls were a lighter pink. There was a bed on the left side of the room, completely pink. At the back, there was a nice big window that out of it you could see the backyard with a hot tub, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. Their was a nice rug on the floor in the shape of a flower, and their were toy?s everywhere, in the right corner stood a huge, pink, toy box, and in the center, their was a nice pink mini slide just made for me. Then, over in another part of the room, there were shelves filled with action figures, stuffed toys, toy eggs, and a nice picture of a red chari stood above the shelf with the stuffed toys.

The little chari couldn?t speak but stand their amazed. "You know, I always wanted a girl chari," said Beth, "I think I will call you Anna." She said, "Well, I will go down and make lunch, you can sit up here and play with your new toys" then she left.

That night, when Anna was all curled up in her bed, under her warm cozy blankets, Beth read her a bedtime story, when Anna fell sound asleep; Beth put the book away, carefully closed the door, but leaving a crack of light in the room, so Anna wouldn't get scared.
© angelavondra, Starbits Pets characters and ideas are © chizu and The Starbits Staff.

Trying to be Like Everyone Else 2

5 years later

The little chari got out of her bed and yawned, she was now 5 years old, "Anna, breakfast" shouted Beth. "Coming," shouted Anna. Anna ran down the stairs into a very nice kitchen, it was huge like always, a crystal chandelier hung above a very big wood carved table. Anna sat down, "Good morning," said Beth putting a plate with sunny side up eggs on it and a piece of toast to the side in front of Anna.

Anna began to eat her breakfast, "It's delicious," said Anna "Same as always," said Beth smiling.

When Anna finished breakfast, she went to the sink, rinsed her plate and put it in the dishwasher. "I am going to the bathroom to wash up," said Anna walking out of the kitchen and into a beautiful hall filled with expensive paintings. Anna walked into the bathroom and brushed her teeth, washed her face with a beautiful blue soft rag to get the mess off her face that she made during breakfast. When she left the bathroom, she walked up to her room, and began to make her bed. Then she heard laughter outside her window, she looked outside, and saw that past their backyard, there was a red chari, a fool, and a flying flif all outside playing in a little neighborhood, with mansions much smaller then the big mansion. It looked like fun, Anna ran down stairs and walked up to Beth, "What is it Anna," she asked "Oh, I was just wondering if I could go outside and play with the other pets," said Anna, ?What,? said Beth shocked, ?You will get dirty, and a place like that is not anything for a little girl like you."

"But?" said Anna when she was stopped.

"Anna," said Beth, "Trust me".

Anna felt bad, she went to her bed and looked out her window, it looked like they were having a lot of fun, she really wanted to go outside and play. "Anna," Beth called, "coming," shouted Anna, she walked down the stairs and into the kitchen, "Anna," said Beth, ?I am going to the store to buy some food, would you like to come?"

"No thanks," said Anna, sighing.

"Alright," said Beth leaving the house. Anna felt so sad, there was so much that they did that she couldn?t do. She walked in to her room, and watched them play, and have a great time. Anna then knew that she was missing, a friend.
© angelavondra, Starbits Pets characters and ideas are © chizu and The Starbits Staff.

For the Love of Writing!

The young Swimo had spent hours sorting Zikklefruit for that lazy farmer for this moment. The ten minutes that it took to walk from Booklet’s back to his house was almost enough to make him explode with anticipation. He ran up the stairs to his nice quiet room, ready to start pouring out his thoughts on paper. He opened the green cover with tender care, not wanting to bend the perfection of the smooth dotted paper. He opened his drawer, looking for a pencil.

“Sam! Sam! Guess what?” a violet Tsuki ran in, the Swimo’s concentration was shattered like glass. “You are not going to believe this! Guess what? Guess what? Guess what!?”

Sam was always nice to his younger sister, even though she was a pain in the paw. So the Swimo gathered his patience and said in a soft polite voice, “Yes, Vivvy? What is it?”

?"You know Memmy” Guess what Memmy did?” Vivvy exclaimed, Memmy was the family’s pet Myarfa.

“What did Memmy do?”

“Memmy, I taught her to shake hands! Look and see!? She grabbed poor Memmy by the tail from out of nowhere and set the creature before Sam.

“Shake Memmy!” The little Myarfa obediently shook paws with Vivvy.

“That’s pretty cool Vivvy.” Sam said, secretly hoping she would leave.

“Yeah, isn?t it? Oh! My show is coming on!” with that, she ran out, still dragging the unfortunate Memmy by the tail. Sam turned back around, facing his journal. Finally, some quiet. He once again, opened his desk drawer and looked for something to write with. He shuffled through the messy drawer filled with random knickknacks and old school assignments. Where was it, his favorite pencil, the pencil with the perfect eraser and sharp point?

“Oh well,? he said out loud, “I’ll just use a pen.” He scuffled some more until he found a pen.

“Now I can write!” He delicately placed the pen tip on the paper and started to write, but no words appeared.

“Out of ink?” He pulled out one of his old tests and started scribbling on it with the pen, but nothing showed up. He even tried the age-old blowing on the end of the pen trick. Nothing worked.

“Oh well, I will just find another thing to write with.” Sam stood up and walked over to his dresser and rummaged through the junk drawer. Nothing. Oh well, maybe Kar has a pencil. The Swimo walked out of the room, narrowly missed Vivvy, and cautiously opened his brother’s door. Kar and he were the same age because he was adopted. They got along very well, but even Sam thought he was a bit?odd.

“Greetings Sam, welcome to my realm.” Said a soulless Kakineko sitting on a grey cushion.

“Hey Kar?” the smell of incense hit him like a brick wall as he entered the “realm.” Sam flinched at the trapped soul in a jar sitting on the floor, quietly tapping on the glass.

“What brings you to my lair?” said Kar, his eyes half open, “You interrupted my meditation, but it is a welcome disturbance. The visions are not good today.”

“Really? What happened?” Sam had seen first hand how accurate Kar’s visions really were, ever since the flying birthday cake incident.

“Yes?” Kar’s eyes now were wide open and defocused. Sam was getting a bit weirded out at this point, “It seems that you will be very frustrated; I see a pencil, but the rest is blurry?”

“That’s right! I came in here to ask if I could borrow a pencil!” Kar’s freakiness almost made him forget his ultimate goal.

“Right, hold on a second?” A pencil suddenly appeared in Kar’s paw. Those Tsuki friends must be rubbing off on him. “Here you are, and use it wisely?”

“Thanks Kar! I owe you one!”

“It was no trouble, after all, it’s not my pencil”.” Sam hastened out of the room. He was just about to re-enter his room when?

“DINNER!” Sam’s punk-demon-house-wife owner yelled. If he missed dinner, who knows what would happen! Sam, Vivvy, Memmy, and even Kar ran downstairs. They stood like soldiers in front of the ?demon?. The tall girl stared down at them with her grey eyes, her studded collar glinted in the light. Then she smiled sunnily.

“Dinner everyone! I hope you like it! I found the recipe in the Joy of Eating! It’s Spiral Zikklefruit Cake with a hint of lemon and other herbs. Enjoy!” They all sat down at the table and began to eat. It was very good. Their owner may have an alter house-wife ego, but who cares! Finally, dinner was over, Sam ran up the stairs and slammed his door. This was it! No disturbances, just peace and quiet and writing! Nothing could bother him now! He sat down at his desk, picked up Kar’s pencil and slowly brought point to paper.

“Once upon a time,” Sam said the words aloud as he wrote, “there was a ”SNAP!” The young Swimo stared as the lead of the pencil snapped neatly.
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