The old Minibit Market shopkeeper, June. Who knows why she was kicked out and replaced with Noemi.

The old Miffy, shopkeeper of the Fresh Food Market. He has never been drawn anthro before as the old site was based around quads.

This is Tink, believe it or not. According to Pooterguy, he was also female a long time ago. O_o

Zool from Shake it UP!

An older version of Kiri, the Potions shopkeeper. She was a lovely shade of purple back then.

The old egg store shopkeeper... o_O I don't even know how that worked. The old egg store shopkeeper also used to be a Tsuki named Tsukana (I think), but Iden took her place.

Old school quad Booklet, still sporting his weird fur.

Another old school quad, this time of Candy. Her name was changed to Candi at the introduction of the second image and kept that way ever since.