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Previous Banners; click for the full sized image.

Fool Banner (Summer 2006)

Chikai Banner (Fall 2006)

Autumn Lehti Banner (Fall 2006)

Autumn City Banner (Fall 2006)

Zero Banner (Winter 2007)

Flower Child Banner (Spring 2007)

Lanternfly Banner (Summer 2007)

Acorn Banner (Fall 2007)

Zero Banner (Winter 2007-08)

Downtime Banner (Winter/Spring/Summer 2008)

Winter Chikai Banner (Winter 2008-09)

Tsuki Banner (Summer 2009)

Staff Banner (2006-?)

This is an image from the old Chari Says game.

Random Chari head from SBP's Sweet Online Games profile.

An old 404 Error image.

An old map of Bita.

On SBP2 instead of a bank, users were given a daily allowance: 100 bits a day per pet. This icon appeared every day where activities/mail/ect icons now appear. Around November of 2006, a cap of 1000 bits per day was added. Therefor, after 10 pets, there was no more addition to the daily allowance.