Harvest Festival
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The Harvest Festival is a fall holiday that lasts for about a week (Thanksgiving week). During this time, the Festival Grounds get rather bustling with activity: Nana comes to sell various fruits from the zikkle orchards, Tiffy and Bruno sell Harvest Festival themed things (or was it just squashes? *can't remember), Liluye sells forest themed foods, and Iffy buys squashes from you for bits, the amount varying each day.

The Harvest Festival was not yet celebrated, though the mystery basket, trubble, and fall avatar were released.

On Thanksgiving Day, users were able to click a button which gave them a mystery basket.

This was the year all of the NPCs and Festival Grounds were introduced.


Clavis App-ol-Lantern

Lehti App-ol-Lantern

Ziegen App-ol-Lantern

Apple Bandana


Indian Corn

Green Grapes

Drippy Pumpkin Hat

Light Blue Zikkle Beanie

All Zikkle Jam

Blue Zikkle Jam

Green Zikkle Jam

Red Zikkle Jam

Violet Zikkle Jam

Yellow Zikkle Jam

Zott Butter

Fresh Apple Juice

Sprouting Apple Seed

Rice Leafwrap

Zikkle Leafwrap

Magic Marzipan Apple

Magic Marzipan Pumpkin

Magic Marzipan Zikklefruit

Pumpkin Spice Muffin

Orange Muzikkle

Red Muzikkle

Violet Muzikkle

White Muzikkle

Mystery Basket

Acorn Squash

Pumpkin Squash

Turkish Turban Squash



Lavender Zikklefruit

Light Blue Zikklefruit

Magenta Zikklefruit

Orange Zikklefruit


Squash Avvie

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