Pooka :: Owner/Coder/Artist
Deviantart, Caseatrix
Coded the site, created the layout+images, maintains image database, created and maintained forum/oekaki (when they existed), wrote the guides, maintains SBP History section. Made the following adoptables: squeak clavis, squeak flif, squeak fool, squeak kakineko, squeak koumori, squeak lehti, squeak solbit, squeak tsuki, squeak verdepine

Lumos :: Artist
Made the following adoptables: apasuion, chibi chikai, flake, chibi kakineko, kijuu, koumori, chibi koumori, lehti, chibi lehti, mitsu, orvo, solbit (base), swimo, tsuki, ziegen, chibi ziegen

Atherist :: Artist
Deviantart, Painted-Stars
Made the following adoptables: chibi apasuion, baby chari, chikai, baby chikai, chibi ghostling, kawa, baby mitsu, baby swimo, baby tsuki, baby ziegen

Sweety :: Artist
Deviantart, Chronic Oddities
Made the following adoptables: chari, clavis, flif, baby flif, fool, loch, kakineko, solbit (tails)

Sweety's original description, written by herself: "Sweety is the lazy oaf of the team. She has no purpose, other than to fuel Pooka's insanity and occasionally draw pretty pictures, though that could be considered a subset of fueling Pooka's insanity. In her spare time, she draws, which, one could say, is all she ever does. Because it's true. She also stands about looking cool, occasionally."