Thursday, February 25, 2021 ~
Images now work on the following pages: Holiday Guides, Pet Revamps. Found pages for Pet Days and Other Holidays in the code and added links, not that there's much to show. Affiliates was re-added to the sidebar, though I wasn't able to recover all of the old images. "Secrets" page added, though it's sparse at the moment.

Sunday, February 21, 2021 ~
The following pages now actually have images on them: Pets by Species, Pets by Color, Minibits, Avatar Guide, Avatar Revamps, Newbie Guide, Game Guides. All the adoptables and graphics are still kicking, as well. I want to revamp this entire site, so might not fix many more of the images until then. :V

Sunday, March 18, 2018 ~
Fixed the header since photobucket died. Took down some links that weren't working anyway. Updated "staff" page to "contributors" and properly credited each artist for their work. All of the adoptables still work and will be there until either I die or the original artists ask me to remove them. Long live the SBP help site that I'm sure no one looks at anymore! xD

five minutes later Okay, so I was looking through my files and found some adoptables I never uploaded for some reason. And decided to upload them to this dead site because it only took a few seconds, so why not. So, introducing, about 10 years late... THE CHIBI TSUKI! BY LUMOS! WOW! In all seriousness, these are cute as beans. Why didn't I upload them 10 years ago???? Silliness. Oh, and I also put up the dekstop bgs page and put on Swee's bg she made, also 10 years ago.

Sunday, January 6th ~
Hoo boy, it's been literally years since an update. o_o; As such, this site is insanely out of date! However, it's still full of history and adoptables, so it's not entirely useless. Ah, and the oekaki and forum seem to have exploded? Oh well, have fun looking around anyway. xD

Sunday, April 23rd ~

Sorry for the abuse, Trixie. You're just unloved anymore. 8c ... And yes, the aqua is a joke. I'm sorry for making it so horrible, but I had to. Just for you. *point* THE AQUA WILL NEVER BE ADDED TO TRIX OMGGG. *dramatic*

Saturday, January 23rd ~
Fiiinally finally finally updated the minibit list, which didn't even have the nanawy on it. oO; If I'm missing any, please feel free to yell at me. c: I'll also be removing the (useless) guides soon since the office of information is up and yeah.

Saturday, December 26th ~

I hope everyone had fun during this holiday season~

Wednesday, December 23rd ~

So I heard that you like orvos?

Friday, December 18th ~

Another FINALLY kind of thing- Flakes! Finally! Imagine that! *uses too many exclamation points* Also, Ath has been lovely enough to whip up the white versions of the kawa and baby tsuki. Hope you all appreciate the awesomeness. :3

Wednesday, December 16th ~

Fiiiinally added some variations to the squeak verdepines. I'm lazy and only did the anenomes, lillies, and crabapple for now. I was also going to update all the whites of my adoptables, but I have other things I need to do right now.

The "Pets by Species" sections have all been updated- they now include the white and essence pets as well. Aaand the new flifs are up. You may need to refresh to see them though.

Friday, November 6th ~
The essence pets are all compiled on one page under the pets-by-color section in case anyone's interested. :3 I'll add them to the pets-by-species section some time soon. *lazy*

Wednesday, November 4th ~

I blame Rylz for the lack of happy squeak clavis adopties.

Wednesday, October 28th ~

Today tis be a squeaaaaaaakkkyyy Wednesday! Sorry about the fools being FAT, but their funny mouths didn't show up well on a 60x60, so... owo;

Friday, October 23rd ~

The baby tsuki has received a beautiful update thanks to Atherist and pink is also available~

Wednesday, October 14th ~
Some of the history sections have been updating after digging around for files and information. The old staff section is now a little more in depth with the time staff were working for sbp, some with exact dating even. I'm a geek and like to be as precise as possible with such matters, hopefully someone else out there cares as much as I do too. The 'other' section has been reorganized a little and now has a lot more banners of previous sbp layouts. The holiday guides have been spiffed up a little and are hopefully much more pleasing to the eye now.

Friday, September 18th ~

My, oh, my, what a smexy fluffinator. B> Another addition with thanks due towards Swee. Also, the baby ziegen got a nice touch up thanks to Ath- you may have to refresh to see it.

Wednesday, September 16th ~

You may or may not have noticed, but the kijuu link to the right has finally lighten up! :3 Thanks to Lumos, as ost of you have already seen on her art board. xD Also, I decided to not wait and just upload Sweety's smexeh flifs as well. 83

Monday, September 14th ~

The baby of the most amazing pet on sbp (*soooo biased* 83) is finally available on Caseatrix! Cuddle them. CUDDLE MANY OF THEM. I know I will. Sweety is awesome. x3

Friday, September 11th ~

Prepare for moonwalking/invisible icecream eating koumoris of a squeakish persuasion. In other words, be very afraid of these fiesty little beasts. ... Really, they're scary. D: And I know the pink one is suxxor; I'll fix it later.

Wednesday, September 2nd ~

What the heck- an update in the middle of the week? Well, Pooka was lazy and didn't add Ath's kawas when she made them yesterday, so... Yeah! Kawawawawawa~!

Saturday, August 22nd ~

I finally finished the squeak flifs, including a veeeeeery happy looking pink one, as well as solbits! Hooray; everyone likes solbits!

Friday, August 14th ~

Take a couple; they're little~

Also, I've been brushing up on a few unnoticeable things around the site, such as a few pets missing from the pets-by-color sections (woops! 8D;) and some of the item revamps.

Sunday, July 12th ~

For all you fool loving fools out there, Sweety has made something to fill your day with glee. :3

Friday, June 19th ~
Well, let's see what I got done...
- New SBP half layout, which will differ from the Caseatrix one
- Updated guides (Games, Newbie, Bits, Holiday), including user's ratings of their helpfulness
- General better organization/layout of things (such as the screenshots not stretching the page)
- Better forums
- Oekaki contests
- More adoptables
- Hiring new staff? >.>?

2/7. FAIL. xD

Monday, April 20th ~
Thought I'd post an update so everyone knows what's going on. Just a quick little 'coming soon list' actually:
- New SBP half layout, which will differ from the Caseatrix one
- Updated guides (Games, Newbie, Bits, Holiday), including user's ratings of their helpfulness
- General better organization/layout of things (such as the screenshots not stretching the page)
- Better forums
- Oekaki contests
- More adoptables
- Hiring new staff? >.>?

Saturday, February 21st ~

Beware yet again! Pinks and soullesses are popping up all over the place! The koumoris have also been updated with the new variations along with all of the variations now available in chibi koumori and lehti. :3

Wednesday, February 18th ~

Beware, for a few pink beasts have begun sprouting up around Caseatrix...

Saturday, February 14th ~
The Pets by Species section was updated a little and the pink pet images were added and the pinks all together are now in the Pets by Color section. The avatars/old avatars sections were updated with new avatars as well, and newer minibits were added to the minibit list. Just a few minor updates I thought I'd post about. ^^;

I felt the need to add a note, a note that little missing things around the site will be done... Next Friday. Yup, next Friday. I swear on the life of this sola! 8O

Sola: T_T I'm dead.
O:< Hush, you! :D;; Anyways, these little things include:
- Missing variations in some chibi adoptables
- Missing soulless in some adoptables

Saturday, February 7th ~

Solas and terras finally~ Caseatrix does not LIKE aquas. D:<

Monday, February 2nd ~

Try not to die from the cuteness overload. o:

Monday, January 26th ~

Thank Atherist for the adorable baby charies. Also, there appear to be some chibi apasuions bopping about as a result of teamwork between Ath and Lu; huzzah!

Saturday, January 24th ~

Fear the ossim that is Sweety! The clavis has magically appeared alongside the soulless loch; oooh, spooky~ 8o

Be even more afraid; for Atherist has also been busy doodling up adorable little chikais and a redraw of the chibi ghostling! :3

Saturday, January 17th ~
Why hullo thar. :> I'd just like to inform that I recoding the minibit guide page, so it will now be much easier for me to update it (which I also did). There were a few minor updates as well, such as the new soulless flake being uploaded to Trix's database and the old one put under the history along with a few of the recently revamped items. I'll soon be making a new holiday page default which using the minibit page's code and hopefully then I'll actually add new holiday guides. xD;

Saturday, January 10th ~
I went mad with updating random things today. o_o; You may not be able to see some of them, but I pretty much edited every single page to make the layout more IE-friendly (it looked quite icky before oO;). This update comes with the sacrifice of the bottom of the middle box... thing. But I thought it looked fine without, and hey, that's just one less image that has to load when people visit Trix. ;3

Also, you may have noticed a little more light illuminating from the sidebar. You can now go to the pages for the guides, although only the game guide is finished (And they all have the same 'Game Guides' header because I don't have photoshop on this computer, so I cna't make new ones 8D;;). :3; I also made the sbp history into an entire section on the sidebar because people didn't seem to notice all it had to offer. There is an addition to the history section as well- a staff page, listing all staff that have ever worked on sbp, what their job was, and when they worked. Sorta spiffy. ;3 If you happen to notice an error, or perhaps someone missing from the list, please starmail me so I can adjust/add to it.

Sunday, December 14th ~

o: Praise Atherist! The baby Chikai and Mitsu are now available and the variations have been added to the baby Swimo. Also, some filenames have been changed, so it may make some sbp adopties no longer show up- but don't worry; you simply need to get the code again. They're all updated and ready to be snatched up again. :3 The affected files are as follows:

Chibi Kakineko V2

Chibi Lehti V1

Chibi Orvo 3

Baby Swimo 2 (was previously "chibi swimo")

Chibi Ziegen 3

Thursday, December 11th ~
Praise Lumos! :>

Friday, December 5th ~
*pats new makeup onto layout* :3 Isn't it pretty~?

Saturday, November 22nd ~

*o* Shiny~ Thank Lumos and Sweety both for this ossim shiny~!

Sunday, November 16th ~

In celebration of Tsuki Day, Lumos has whipped up some lovely Tsuki adopties and Ath bopped in with the adorable baby Tsukies. Lumos had that chibi Koumori done a while ago, but I forgot. xD; And Ath finished up the chibi Ghostlings, so hooray for a sizable update!

Thursday, November 13th ~
I spiffed up the Spirit Hunt Guide page a tad, added the new avatars, and added the recently added minibits to that section so... Hooray for a few minor updates? I figured I'd post news about it just to confirm I am alive.

Saturday, October 25th ~
There's now a section featuring TONS of stuff that was on old Starbits, including revamped items, screenshots, and you can even read books published on SBP V1! Check it out. ;3

Friday, October 10th ~
In preparation for the yearly spiritastic event, a guide to the Spirit Hunt has been added. Enjoy. :3

Monday, October 6th ~

Fear the awesome.

Sunday, October 5th ~
As you can see, the Starbits section now has its completely own section on Caseatrix. The news here will focus on all Starbits-related aspects to the site, while the Caseatrix side, obviously will go along with Caseatrix stuff and general updates. With these split sections of the site I'm hoping to create easier and cleaner navigation, so feedback, good and bad, is much appreciated! Just drop a note in the cbox or starmail me (Pooka) on Starbits.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, there is now a pet color guide that lists pets by color instead of species. In case anyone wanted to compare the soulless or something. ;3 Also, this was never posted in the news and you probably already know, but Atherist drew an awesome chibi swimo adoptie a few days ago. 83 *hugs it*